It sounds like the start of a bad joke: a drunk mayor walks into a convenience store. But the rest of the joke ends with a mayor in handcuffs.

The mayor of Agra, Oklahoma went into a gas station to pay for gas and buy beer. But the clerk, recognizing he was allegedly already three sheets to the wind, refused to sell him the beer. (No information is currently available as to whether or not he successfully paid for the gas, or if he drove away afterwards.)

But what can be seen on the video is that the Mayor apparently returned later that evening with cans of spray paint and proceeded to literally paint part of the town red.

He was arrested for vandalism with damages of less than $2,500 and has been released on bail. The town council has not decided whether or not to oust the mayor from the rest of his term.

From the Alva Review-Courier:

Vandalism is a crime often committed by young offenders. But residents in the tiny town of Agra are beside themselves after learning their mayor was arrested for malicious injury to property.

Marvin McEntire, 63, is accused of vandalizing the Maveric Mini Mart in Agra last month.

The mayor’s arrest is especially surprising to a man who says he’s known McEntire for a long time.

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