First: Kudos to Oak Hill, Florida for being the first ever city to be featured in-back-to-back “It Could Be Worse” stories.

But talk about over reacting. PublicCEO reported that an 84-year old mayor of one California city was raided by narcotics officers after someone reported multiple marijuana plants growing in her yard. The officers believed her when she told them that the plants weren’t hers. But there is evidence that the plants were there: the police chief climbed a ladder to take pictures of the plants in the mayor’s lawn.

The public feud between the mayor (including the city council) and the police department was dramatically ratcheted up last week when the Oak Hill City Council decided to disband its police force. The move came as a surprise to all of the public gathered at the emergency meeting, as well as the entire police force that then had to turn in their badges and guns.

Unfortunately, a call for police services came in minutes after the department was disbanded. There’s no word on how that incident was handled.

In a surprise move Monday night the city of Oak Hill eliminated its entire police department.

From WOFL Fox 35:

The police chief and a few officers were under scrutiny for alleged illegal and odd behavior. The city council was so fed up they simply wiped out the entire department.

The mayor called the special meeting Monday tonight that started with the trashing of the police chief and the mayor called for her termination. But then the board talked about it more and decided to get rid of the entire department.

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