Former PublicCEO Editor James Spencer caught flak from many readers when he wrote a rather scathing editorial, flaming the Oakland City Council for allowing police officers to be laid off, despite Oakland’s crime rate.

Now, 25 of the 80 officers who had been laid off are returning to the city.

The timing couldn’t be better, as the city’s violent crime rate is up four percent, shootings are up 39 percent, and homicides are up 20 percent.

Many of the officers will be assigned to special task forces aimed at controlling the recent flare-up of violent crime.

From the Oakland Tribune:

At least 25 of the 80 police officers laid off last year were rehired Monday and are taking refresher training courses before they get back on Oakland streets.

Many of the returning officers had found work elsewhere in the area, including at the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, but returned to Oakland when the police department made them offers.

The budget passed June 30 by the City Council and Mayor Jean Quan set aside funding for 22 of those officers to return. More have been offered their jobs as the department shrank through attrition the last several months.

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