After three years of legal fighting, financial negotiation, and debt restructuring, Vallejo is no longer bankrupt.

They have been years marred with wild accusations being levied by the unions, and being returned by the city. The city lobbed them back. But under the umbrella protection of bankruptcy, the city was able to renegotiate its contracts with employees, eliminate minimum staffing levels with the fire department, increase employee contribution to benefits plans, and taken steps to introduce new revenues to the city.

But, as the assistant city manager said, it wasn’t a road that should be taken lightly, and there can be a few bumps along the way.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Vallejo is bankrupt no more.

A federal judge released the Solano County city from bankruptcy Tuesday, ending its dubious distinction of being one of the largest and first U.S. cities to go that route since the financial meltdown.

“I think we’re all exhausted but exulted,” said City Councilwoman Stephanie Gomes. “It’s been a rough road.”

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