City Launches Implementation of Significant Municipal Energy and Water Efficiencies

The City of San Leandro announced that it is about to implement a new program that will make great strides in reaching the City Council’s adopted Climate Action Plan goals by investing in infrastructure retrofits and smart city applications. Thanks to a $5.2 million contract with Climatec, a Department of Energy certified Energy Services Company, the City is on track to achieve guaranteed energy savings resulting from the installation of an array of new projects and improvements that will off-set the cost of implementing the program.

The project began in 2014, with a request for proposals from firms that could design and implement a comprehensive package of utility savings measures and infrastructure upgrades. As part of its request, the City included a critical financial requirement: to make the project feasible, the infrastructure improvements needed to pay for themselves over time without the need for any upfront capital expenditures from the City’s general fund.

“As we continue to live with limited natural resources, it’s important that the City lead by example in being more efficient with our municipal operations,” stated Public Works Director Debbie Pollart. “Budget savings that are achieved on our utility bills through this program will be reinvested to fund additional municipal efficiency projects.”

In early 2016, the San Leandro City Council selected Climatec to install $5.2 million in energy and water saving equipment at numerous public facilities across the City. Climatec was chosen because its guaranteed savings will cover 100% of the costs of the improvements and related debt service.

Through this new partnership, the City expects to save $8 million over 15 years through strategic reductions in energy and water usage, while realizing over $1.5 million in positive cash flow over that same period of time. In addition to the financial benefits, San Leandro’s investments in clean infrastructure will reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions by 1,390 metric tons annually. That’s the equivalent of 3.3 million miles driven in a year.

“San Leandro embodies sustainability in action. We invest in green infrastructure and programs to ensure that our City furthers its legacy as a smart and sustainable community,” added Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter.

As part of the program, 4,730 City street lights will be replaced with LED smart lights, and a wireless mesh network will be installed on the City’s street light poles. The wireless network will connect to a centralized management control system utilizing the City’s fiber optics network for high-speed communications, leading to reduced energy usage. The network will enable remote management of the lighting system, leading to reduced outages and an improved ability to optimize the lighting configuration by location.

This innovative technological design will also prepare the City to potentially support additional smart city applications in the future, such as integrated parking systems, public wireless internet service, traffic signaling, and more.

The comprehensive project, which also includes installation of new, high-efficiency HVAC equipment, interior/exterior LED building lighting, and smart irrigation clocks in several City parks, is anticipated to break ground in mid-November and is expected to be completed in approximately nine months.

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About San Leandro

One of the most diverse cities in the nation located at the center of the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro is a safe, vibrant community of 89,000 residents with well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent public libraries, twenty-one public parks, quality local schools, and a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The western border of the city consists of over eight miles of pristine shoreline and amenities on San Francisco Bay while a regional park and nature areas fall on the eastern border. San Leandro businesses enjoy multiple advantages including close proximity to the Oakland International Airport and Port of Oakland, two major freeways, two BART stations, and access to a large and well-educated workforce. Through a public-private partnership known as Lit San Leandro (, a fiber optic network encircles San Leandro’s industrial and commercial core offering businesses virtually unlimited internet connectivity. Visit to learn more about San Leandro.

About Climatec

For over 40 years, Climatec has made facilities safer, more comfortable and efficient through advanced technologies and the implementation of energy/water savings solutions. Climatec’s team of experts work diligently with city and county staff to understand the unique needs, challenges and financial constraints each agency faces. Programs are designed to address aging municipal infrastructure needs, enhance revenue opportunities and meet sustainability goals. Climatec is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch North America (Bosch). To learn more about Climatec and their municipal solutions, please visit