On October 1, Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE), the City of Santa Barbara’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) program and California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) member, launched its carbon-free energy program for residents, offering the community cleaner energy, locally controlled rates and a new revenue source for future program that can help manage local greenhouse gas emissions.

“Launching with a 100 percent carbon-free default energy option shows SBCE’s commitment to their community and the environment,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “I’m excited to see the program in its operational phase and look forward to helping the City achieve their environmental goals through this program.”

SBCE implemented this program to reach its energy and climate goals of having 100 percent renewable electricity communitywide by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2035. By defaulting local customers to carbon-free electricity, the City will eliminate one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions while creating pathways to implement other climate programs.

“After intensive research, CCE proved to be the most effective way to accomplish our goals,” said SBCE Energy and Climate Manager Alelia Parenteau. “We developed the program with our local community in mind – from the logo, to the energy products, to the programs, we are 100 percent serving the community of Santa Barbara.”

In addition to their new CCE launch, SBCE is also working toward their Strategic Energy Plan, which is a roadmap to meet the City’s 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2030. The Strategic Energy Plan also highlights renewable energy projects, innovative programs and strategic policies needed to transition to renewable energy. The City of Santa Barbara currently uses 44 percent renewable energy content in electricity.

Learn more about SBCE at sbcleanenergy.com.