local government summer instituteThe annual Local Governance Summer Institute (LGSI) seminar at Stanford University is designed to present the best blend of the academic and the practitioner worlds to local government professionals who want to expand their outlook and skill set in this continually evolving field.

Each year the program selects a set of salient and pressing challenges for local government and brings together Stanford, industry, and local governance experts to help participants innovate appropriate solutions for their communities.

LGSI@Stanford offers city managers, county executives, regional directors, and other senior local government officials the opportunity to exchange and acquire tools for improving local government performance and enhancing prospective analytical capacity to innovate and anticipate societal change. This program will strengthen individual capacities in public finance, negotiating and strategic planning skills, while exposing participants to innovative solutions and technological advance supporting the emergence of smarter, more resilient, sustainable, and equitable communities in California and around the world.

Registration is now open for the 2022 program. Online applications are available. Admission reviews will continue throughout the summer until the cohort reaches capacity. Please visit the LGSI informational page on the Stanford University website and LGSI’s Facebook Page for more details.

LGSI@Stanford fosters active participation and provokes insightful discussion and debate on public management issues. This year the program will return to its original In-person format. Sessions will be held on July 24-29 on the Stanford Campus and in additional Silicon Valley locations.

Tuition is $6,500 and includes instruction and materials.

Check out the brochure here.