Alexander J. Morris has been appointed as the new general manager of California Community Power. In addition to directing the agency’s operations, he will oversee the procurement of cost-effective new clean energy and reliability resources, including execution on established energy storage and geothermal contracts. Morris’ background in emerging technologies, CAISO markets, California energy policy and grid programs will serve to ensure California Community Power delivers results and solutions to meet Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) needs, including providing affordable and reliable clean energy for 2.6 million Californians. 

Morris started his energy career working in strategy, policy, and procurement roles with Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric. These roles included experience in resource planning, procurement, emerging technologies, energy markets, rate design, and customer programs. Since 2015, Morris has worked with the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) and served as a leader in nonprofit management for an energy consulting firm. As the executive director of CESA, Morris served as a critical voice of the industry to ensure timely energy storage solutions arrived on the California grid while operating the largest stand-alone energy storage trade association in the world.  

“The Community Choice Aggregators have challenging yet achievable roles in bringing the next generation of carbon-free supply and demand solutions to the communities they serve. California Community Power is a critical tool in their toolkit, providing a path to bulk purchases, shared services, and more,” said Morris. “Ensuring success for  California Community Power over the next decade is both exciting and crucial to  meeting our grid-transformation and cost-savings goals.”  

“Alex is a proven leader, organization builder, and energy expert – a great fit for California Community Power’s needs as it ramps up and expands to deliver the next generation of grid solutions,” said Girish Balachandran, Silicon Valley Clean Energy CEO and California Community Power Board Chair. “Alex understands and has deep networks with CCAs, utilities, policy, and industry entities. We’re confident he can effectively steer California Community Power to find win-win energy and grid solutions for the 2.6 million customers we collectively serve.” 

Morris replaces the agency’s interim general manager, Tim Haines, who the board thanks and recognizes for his contribution and service as interim general manager.  This includes his leadership on procuring long-duration storage and geothermal energy resources in 2022.