Town of Los Altos Hills logoThe Town of Los Altos Hills is pleased to announce its success in meeting the requirements of the 5th cycle Housing Element Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). The accomplishment demonstrates the Town’s commitment to addressing the critical housing shortage in California and providing more affordable housing opportunities for its residents. 

RHNA is a state-mandated process that requires local jurisdictions to plan for and accommodate their fair share of the region’s housing needs. The 5th cycle RHNA identified 121 new housing units that Los Altos Hills needs to plan for from 2015-2023, including 46 very-low, 28 low, and 32 moderate-income units. At the end of the 5th cycle, the Town met its overall RHNA number by approximately 200% (241 new units vs. 121 required) and provided affordable housing units exceeding the required allocation by income categories.

The successful completion of the 5th cycle Housing Element is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of Town staff, elected officials, community leaders, and residents. The Town will continue to build on this momentum as it works towards creating a more vibrant and inclusive community. 

On Wednesday, March 15, community members were invited to attend Town of Los Altos Hills staff and a panel of experts for a virtual Town Hall meeting.  Video of the Town Hall presentation can be accessed via the Town’s website at The video covers information about the housing element process, status of updated housing element and other related information including background on housing policy in California, history of Los Altos Hills housing policy development, Builder’s Remedy and next steps for Los Altos Hills housing policy.