City of Glendale logoOn Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Glendale City Council members selected Glendale City Council Member Daniel “Dan” Brotman as the City’s next mayor. Brotman takes over the position from outgoing Mayor Ardy Kassakhian. This is Brotman’s first time serving in the role of mayor.

Dan Brotman was first sworn in as a Glendale City Council member in April 2020. He has a background in economics and finance, with his undergraduate work completed at Brown University and then went to Johns Hopkins for an MA in International Economics. Mayor Brotman spent over 20 years in the field, first as an economist at the Federal Reserve and then for 16 years in various finance roles at Cisco Systems. He spent most of his time at Cisco, living and working in East Asia.

Mayor Brotman moved to Glendale in 2015 to teach economics at Glendale College. In addition to his work in academia and public service, Dan Brotman is involved in several community organizations. He co-founded the Glendale Environmental Coalition and was chair of the SoCal 350 Climate Action Legislative Committee. Mayor Brotman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a council member and is committed to positively impacting his community.

Mayor Brotman currently serves as the chair of the Glendale Housing Authority, is the immediate past chair of the Arroyo-Verdugo Communities JPA, has membership on the SGAG Energy & Environment Committee and is the newly selected Glendale representative to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Regional Housing Trust.

“As an educator, environmental activist, and City Council member, I have always tried to do what I can to make the world a little better, fairer, and more livable for everyone,” says Mayor Brotman. “That means identifying long-term challenges and applying best practices from around the world to turn them into opportunities. As mayor, I will not shy away from tough decisions to prepare Glendale for the future. I thank my colleagues for trusting in me to guide the important work in front of us this year.”