City of American Canyon logoAmerican Canyon is set to make local history as it unveils its first-ever, state-of-the-art, all-inclusive playground at Northampton Park on Wednesday, August 9. The momentous occasion will be celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, kicking off festivities for the “Meet Me in the Street” event organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

The much-anticipated event will mark a significant milestone in American Canyon’s commitment to providing a welcoming and accessible environment for children of all abilities to come together and play. The all-inclusive playground has been thoughtfully designed to cater to children with diverse physical and cognitive abilities, ensuring that no child is left behind.

Key features of the new all-inclusive playground include:

  • Adaptive Play Equipment: Specially designed play structures that accommodate children with physical disabilities, allowing them to experience the joy of play in a safe and supported manner.
  • Sensory Play Zones: Inclusive play spaces that engage children’s senses, promoting cognitive development and sensory exploration.
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Flooring: Smooth and resilient surfaces to enable easy movement for children using mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and walkers.

American Canyon, in collaboration with dedicated community members and the American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation, has been working tirelessly to bring this project to fruition. The all-inclusive playground at Northampton Park exemplifies the spirit of unity and cooperation that makes American Canyon a shining example of an inclusive and caring community.

“We are elated to witness the opening of this inclusive playground, which will undoubtedly create a more vibrant and accepting space for all children to play and thrive together,” said American Canyon Mayor Leon Garcia.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 5 PM on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, at Northampton Park at 242 Northampton Drive. Everyone is welcome!

For more information about the event or the all-inclusive playground at Northampton Park, please contact American Canyon Parks and Recreation at (707) 648-7275.