To further strengthen communications with the public during emergency situations,  the City of Menifee has launched two new emergency management platforms, Alert Menifee and  Genasys Protect.  

Alert Menifee will be used to communicate public safety topics including severe weather,  evacuations, road closures, etc. All residents are encouraged to sign up for alerts and can click here to sign up. During the registration process, users will be able to choose the types of alerts  they want to receive and how to receive them, including landline phone, cell phone, text/SMS  message, and email. Users will also have the ability to customize the order they wish to receive  alerts. The information entered into the system is for communicating emergency and official city  information only – neither the City of Menifee nor Genasys will share or sell personal information. 

Genasys Protect is an interactive map and can be viewed by clicking here. Residents can look up  their pre-determined evacuation zone using the search bar in the top left, and will be able to view  live zone statuses, road closures, and evacuation points during an emergency. All residents are  encouraged to look up important addresses and record the zone IDs in an easily visible place such  as on the fridge or by the door. 

“Alert Menifee and Genasys Protect are great assets that will help ensure residents receive timely  and accurate information during an emergency,” said Interim Police Chief Pat Walsh. “We highly  encourage the Menifee community to sign up and become familiar with these new resources that  can help protect themselves and their families during a crisis.” 

For more information and to sign up for alerts, please visit