CALED logoGurbax Sahota, President & CEO for the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED), has been traveling throughout California, engaging with local elected officials to impart valuable insights in order to set a common foundation regarding the economic development environment. In addition, Gurbax shares available tools and resources to help local government leaders think through their economic development goals, projects and metrics. The unwavering commitment of CALED leadership continues to solidify CALED’s reputation as the foremost authority on economic development in California. In recent months, CALED members have held a diverse array of study sessions and leadership forums, sharing their wealth of experiences and working with dedicated public servants to advance local economic development progress.

CALED’s CEO was invited by the Economic Development team at the City of Rancho Cucamonga to participate in a thoughtful study session focused on the intrinsic value of economic development, the importance of strategic planning and the methodology needed to cultivate a diverse industry landscape. The ultimate goal was to discuss how to create a sustainable economy while ensuring equitable opportunities for all residents. Gurbax’s recent visit to the City of Glendora further emphasized CALED’s commitment to supporting members. In this forum, Gurbax collaborated with the City of Glendora’s knowledgeable team in a discussion regarding the next steps in the City’s intentional work. CALED’s team also attended a variety of virtual meetings, most recently with Gurbax leading a virtual economic development study session with the City of San Juan Bautista’s Economic Development Citizens Advisory Committee.

In conjunction with these engagements, CALED recently hosted its highly anticipated Rural Exchange Meeting in the City of Ukiah, under the able leadership of Rural Exchange Chair Craig Schlatter. Craig led a power panel of resource providers and economic development professionals from across California that exchanged ideas on everything from strategies to workforce, housing and more. Through these workshops and study sessions with local economic development experts, CALED members are able to have an outside authority define economic development, share model practices and discuss what success looks like. In return, the local economic development team shares their expertise in order to help local elected officials foster a vibrant and diversified economy that serves their residents into the future.

Interested in having CALED visit your City or County for an upcoming meeting? Contact CALED at 916-448-8252 to learn more and to see how CALED can help you.


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