City of Hawthorne logoThe City of Hawthorne is proud to reflect on six years of partnership with the Dodgers Dreamteam program, a sports-based youth development initiative created by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF). Since 2018, the City of Hawthorne has been a dedicated affiliate partner of LADF, providing low-cost sports programs and essential resources to local communities.

The Dodgers Dreamteam program, operating out of Jim Thorpe Park and Holly Park, has been a catalyst for local youth development and community engagement. Over the course of six years, the program’s impact has been monumental, shaping the lives of hundreds of children and contributing to the strength of the Hawthorne community.

The timeline of the Dodgers Dreamteam program’s journey in Hawthorne tells a story of continuous growth and impact:

2018: In its inaugural year, the program welcomed eight teams spanning two age groups. With divisions tailored for T-ball (ages five to six) and Coach Pitch (ages seven to eight), the program served 100 children.

2019: Responding to increased demand, the program expanded to include six teams per age group, serving a total of 150 children.

2020: Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the program persevered by hosting a virtual league. This innovative approach maintained engagement through at-home activities and drive-thru events.

2021: In-person programming resumed, introducing a new Minors division (ages nine to ten). The T-ball and Coach Pitch divisions each consisted of six teams each, and Minors hosted four teams, allowing the program to reach 200 children.

2022: As COVID-19 restrictions eased, the Dreamteam program continued to thrive, increasing all divisions to six teams while serving 240 children.

2023: The program’s sixth year marked a milestone as many original participants aged out of the Minors division. Responding to this transition, divisions were adjusted to accommodate a new age group (ages eleven to twelve). The program served a total of 300 children across T-ball, Coach Pitch, Minors, and Majors divisions.

The Dodgers Dreamteam program’s affordability, at just $15 per child, has made the program accessible to a wide range of kids across Hawthorne. Participants access a comprehensive package that includes full uniforms, equipment access, skills clinics, and free tickets to Dodger games. They also have access to all Dodger Day and Player Fest events, where participants are connected with educational resources, health screenings, free glasses, food, interactive fitness courses, Dodger alumni autographs, and giveaways. Coaches, too, are empowered with training and equipment to support the young athletes.

Beyond its impact on individuals, the program has positioned the City of Hawthorne as a model partner among the Dodgers Dreamteam affiliates. The City has been selected every year to host various events including Dodger Days, food distribution drive-thru events, coach clinics, and individual sports clinics. The partnership has also offered valuable insights through surveys conducted in collaboration with Hello Insight, an organization dedicated to gauging the growth achieved through youth participation.

As the City of Hawthorne celebrates six years of successful collaboration with the Dodgers Dreamteam program, it remains committed to empowering its youth, celebrating diversity, and strengthening the bonds that define its community.

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