Los Altos Hills logoIn a historic move, the town of Los Altos Hills proudly unveils its groundbreaking Sustainability Reach Code, a first-of-its-kind initiative that redefines standards for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the construction of new and existing buildings. Approved unanimously by the city council, this visionary code not only sets a new benchmark for environmental responsibility but also propels the town closer to achieving its ambitious climate action planning goals. 

The code strategically targets NOx emissions, a significant component of greenhouse gases, allowing the town to establish precise standards directly linked to emissions for both new and existing buildings. This innovative approach marks one of the first instances of a municipality taking direct action in this manner, showcasing Los Altos Hills’ dedication and resolve to combat climate change. 

“In approving our pioneering Sustainability Reach Code, I commend the exceptional leadership demonstrated by my esteemed council colleagues, the visionary contributions of the Environmental Initiatives Committee (EIC), and the invaluable technical expertise brought forth by Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE),” said Mayor Stan Mok. “Together, we’ve set a precedent for sustainable urban development, reaffirming Los Altos Hills’ commitment to environmental innovation and collaborative progress in the face of climate change.” 

Crafted through the collaborative efforts of the Environmental Initiatives Committee and with the unwavering leadership of the city council, Los Altos Hills’ Sustainability Reach Code stands out as a pioneering model. Unlike other municipalities, Los Altos Hills partnered with Silicon Valley Clean Energy to thoroughly examine existing standards, identifying key areas where local governments could take the lead in GHG emission reductions. 

“The approval of our groundbreaking Sustainability Reach Code is a testament to the commitment to service by our dedicated staff, Jay Bradford, visionary leadership of our city council, the innovative spirit of our EIC and the technical expertise of our valued partners at SVCE,” said City Manager Peter Pirnejad, “This collaborative effort not only sets a new standard for reducing greenhouse gas emissions but exemplifies the power of community-driven initiatives in shaping a sustainable future for Los Altos Hills.” 

By pushing the boundaries of traditional energy regulations, Los Altos Hills reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship and sets an inspiring example for communities seeking transformative solutions in the fight against climate change. 

For more information about the Sustainability Reach Code and other initiatives, please visit the Town’s website or contact Jay Bradford, assistant community development director. 

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