City of Eastvale logoIn the vibrant City of Eastvale, community engagement flourishes thanks to the dedicated initiatives of its innovative communications team. From adept social media strategies to groundbreaking podcasting and enticing merchandise lines, Eastvale’s communication endeavors are raising the bar for civic engagement and connectivity!


Breaking new ground in municipal outreach, Eastvale’s communications team launched a dynamic podcast called Good Morning Eastvale! 

Season 2 began in March and has already welcomed business owners, Council Members and youth organization leaders. Listeners not only gain valuable insights and perspectives on local projects but also have the opportunity to connect with the diverse voices that shape the community. 

Podcast episodes are available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts every first of the month. 

Merchandise Line

Eastvale Essentials is a collection of must-have items that capture the unique charm and character of our beloved City. From stylish apparel and accessories to one-of-a-kind souvenirs, each product tells a story of Eastvale’s rich history, diverse culture and thriving community. 

To check out the collection or to purchase items, visit our website

Social Media Engagement

In an era where digital platforms dominate communication, Eastvale’s communications team has embraced social media as a powerful tool for engaging residents and fostering community cohesion. Through strategic content curation, real-time updates and interactive posts, the Communications team has transformed platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn into vibrant hubs where residents can stay informed, share feedback and connect with neighbors. Follow along now to learn more about our upcoming events, latest programs and best resources. 

We look forward to sharing many more engaging information with the Eastvale community. Be sure to subscribe and stay connected for upcoming news that will offer a deeper insight into our vibrant City. Together, we will amplify the voices that make our Eastvale community extraordinary!

To learn more about the team or these initiatives, please contact Eastvale’s Communications Officer, Mollie Kortsen at