By Victor Manalo, municipal consultant with Calpipe Security Bollards

Atkore CalpipeAt a time when manufacturing jobs have been disappearing in Los Angeles County, Atkore Calpipe Security BollardsⓇ has transformed itself into a leading manufacturer of security barriers – right here in Downey, CA. These barriers defend some of the country’s most high-profile and high-traffic pedestrian sites like New York City’s Times Square and the Santa Monica Pier. Their high security and crash-rated products not only protect stadiums, arenas, government buildings, and airports around the country, but they also increase security for patrons at community events such as the Claremont Village Farmers Market in Claremont, California. Atkore’s Calpipe Security BollardsⓇ are “Made in LA to Protect LA Residents.”

Atkore’s Calpipe Security Bollards started off as Calpipe Industries, the industry’s leading provider of electrical pipe systems for corrosive environments. Calpipe began to get requests for galvanized pipes to be used as steel posts in the ground to protect gas meters from being hit by vehicles. As the orders for steel posts continued, it became evident that their products could not only protect gas meters, but – with proper engineering – could protect people. Defense technology became their focus. The company invested money into upgrading their manufacturing facilities to build “quality and craftsmanship” into their security barriers. After Calpipe was acquired by Atkore in 2017, they moved from their 7,000 square foot manufacturing space in Rancho Dominguez, CA to a 30,000 square foot facility in Downey, California. The company chose to remain in LA County.

Carlos Gonzalez, Plant Manager of the Downey facility, joined Calpipe eight years ago. “Operating in LA is a source of pride for Atkore Calpipe. We know our work is being deployed to protect our friends and family throughout California and beyond,” Carlos noted. “Offering good-paying, hands on manufacturing jobs is harder and harder in SoCal, but for a number of reasons, Atkore found Downey to be a strategic location for our needs. We have built a diverse team of talented staff who share a mission for top quality and timely delivery. We know that lives depend on our work.”

The Downey facility provides an array of services including welding, grinding, milling, drilling, and polishing by a workforce of highly skilled artisans. The staff has grown from 6 to 25 employees who live in Los Angeles County and represent the diversity of Los Angeles. 

“I like working with my hands to create something that will go out in the world and save a life. When I am walking with my family and my child sees a bollard, they ask if mom worked on it. It makes me smile,” said Welder Nicole Shelby. Nicole has worked with Calpipe since 2019 and is a senior welder on the team at the Downey facility. “Not many people expect to see me flip up my welder’s mask and see a woman’s face, but the guys here know I am a good welder and respect me for it.”

While many of Atkore’s largest competitors exclusively outsource their manufacturing to offshore locations, Atkore Security Barriers are proudly made in California from domestic and imported materials. Being a local company offers benefits for customers. For California municipal government staff, Atkore staff are able to visit cities to assess outdoor dining facilities, farmer’s markets locations, and public gathering sites, and recommend safety and security measures to protect residents, diners, and shoppers. After Atkore Calpipe security barriers are purchased and installed, the company offers a local presence to troubleshoot any issues with their products and refer customers to trusted installation experts.

Concluded Carlos, “People think the only way to live here is to write computer code or act. But we build. My team creates something from nothing everyday. And people are safer because of it.”

About the Author

Victor Manalo is a former council member and local government consultant. He served on the Artesia City Council for over 11 years and is a Past-President of the California Contract Cities Association. While on the City Council, he implemented an ordinance that became the outdoor dining and seating safety standard. He has worked on pedestrian safety issues as a municipal consultant with Calpipe Security Bollards and as the Director of the Storefront Safety Initiative, whose goal is to put an end to vehicle-into-building crashes. Contact Victor Manalo at for more information. 

About Calpipe Security Bollards

Calpipe Security BollardsⓇ is a part of Atkore. They provide bollard products and bollard security services. Calpipe Security Bollards offers a wide range of bollards including – safety and architectural bollards, lighted and standard landscaping bollards, as well as crash-tested high-security bollards engineered for anti-terrorist or high-threat applications. Calpipe Security Bollards manufacturing facility is located in the City of Downey at 12160 Woodruff Ave. and is easily accessible from the 5, 105, and 605 Freeways. They are available to provide safety assessments, product specifications, and estimates for crash-tested bollards and other safety devices for cities and other local governments.