City of Bakersfield logoThe City of Bakersfield is committed to making entrepreneurship as easy and successful as possible in our community. Small businesses face long odds to surviving,  especially in their first year, with about 20 percent failing in the first year of opening,  according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

That’s why the City of Bakersfield is providing entrepreneurs with an innovative new free service through a website called SizeUpBakersfield that will help businesses be better prepared through improved planning and marketing. 

Entrepreneurs can use the free online platform to estimate the viability of their future or current business and test assumptions of their business plan. In addition, they can use the SizeUpBakersfield to discover potential customers, find local suppliers, and optimize their marketing by targeting ideal customers. 

“Small businesses form the economic foundation of our local economy,” Bakersfield  Mayor Karen Goh said. “The City of Bakersfield is committed to supporting these entrepreneurs with the information they need to be more successful. The market  research and business insights we provide through this new tool will enable small  businesses to compete on the same level as well-funded and larger corporations.” 

The City’s Economic & Community Development Department will host a  demonstration of the online tool on Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 1 p.m. The demonstration is free for anyone to view, including the local news media. Anyone interested in participating in the demonstration is asked to register online.  

SizeUpBakersfield provides powerful market research and business intelligence that is both industry-specific and hyperlocal. It includes the same and similar data that is used by huge corporations, but which has been historically inaccessible to small businesses because of the cost and expertise required to analyze data.