City of Arcata logoThe City of Arcata would like to recognize and congratulate four Arcata Police Department (APD) officers who received the “10851” award for their individual achievement recovering stolen vehicles.

The “10851” award, so named for California Vehicle Code 10851, Vehicle Theft, is sponsored in collaboration between the CHP and the American Automobile Association (AAA) Insurance and recognizes law enforcement officers throughout California who have been proactive in recovering stolen vehicles and apprehending criminals involved in auto theft. For an officer to qualify for the award, during a 12 month period the officer must: 1) Make six separate incident rolling stolen in-custody arrest, 2) Recover a total of 12 stolen vehicles of which a minimum of three must be “rolling” (occupied by a driver) or 3) Develop information resulting in the identification of a vehicle theft ring, subsequent arrest of two or more suspects and the recovery of at least ten vehicles.

At the “10851” award ceremony held in Eureka, four APD officers were recognized. Officer Kent Falkenstein (9 years of service with APD) received the second “10851” award of his career, Officers Travis Sherrod (5 years of service with APD) and Riley Tippin (1 year of service with APD) received their first “10851” awards and Officer Chris Rogers (4 years of service with APD) received the 3rd “10851” award of his career.

Of the award, Chief Ahearn said, “Recovering stolen vehicles is an important role for peace officers throughout the state, including Arcata.  We have an opportunity to reunite victims with their property which helps to prevent further financial loss and inconvenience. I am proud of all APD staff who work hard to recover stolen vehicles and hold offenders accountable. Congratulations to all award winners and thank you to the California Highway Patrol and AAA for their on-going support in coordinating and funding the ‘10851’ award ceremonies.”