City of Monte Sereno logoThe City of Monte Sereno is pleased to announce the appointment of a new city attorney, effective June 10, 2023. The City Council engaged Logan & Powell, LLP to provide Ms. Kirsten Powell as the designated city attorney for the City of Monte Sereno.  

Ms. Powell brings an extensive wealth of legal knowledge and experience, serving as City  Attorney for Scotts Valley since 2004. Previously, Ms. Powell was the City Attorney for the City of Monte Sereno from April 2004 to September 2019. Also, she currently serves as the attorney for West Valley Solid Waste Management Authority and West Valley Clean Water Authority. 

Ms. Powell is a graduate of Santa Clara University, School of Law and has an extensive background in land use and public agency law. She grew up in Saratoga and moved to Los Gatos in 2001. Ms. Powell lives and works in Los Gatos. 

“Bringing Kirsten back as the City Attorney for Monte Sereno is a huge win for our community,”  said Mayor Bryan Mekechuk. “Monte Sereno prides itself on exceptional customer service – customer service requires a team effort and Ms. Powell will have office hours at City Hall to  enable our staff to help our residents with building plans, zoning and our municipal code.” 

As city attorney, Ms. Powell will provide legal guidance and advice to the City Council, city manager and city staff on a wide range of legal matters, including designing, drafting and updating the municipal and zoning codes, and regulations for state and federal housing legislation and accessory dwelling units. 

She will also represent the City in legal proceedings and work closely with other City officials to ensure that the City’s legal interests are protected. 

“I am honored to return as the city attorney for Monte Sereno,” said Ms. Powell. “I’m looking forward to working with the City Council and staff to provide responsive legal services to the City  and its residents.” 

Mayor Mekechuk added, “We’re also looking for a full time city engineer to replace our temporary interim city engineer, Don Wimberly.” 

Ms. Powell replaces Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP, who resigned from providing city attorney services effective June 10, 2023.