City of American Canyon logoAmerican Canyon is pleased to announce that the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified American Canyon’s Housing Element. This landmark achievement positions American Canyon as the first jurisdiction in Napa County to obtain this vital certification.

State law requires all local governments in California to accommodate their fair share of housing needs. The Housing Element, updated every eight years, guides land use decisions to facilitate housing to meet American Canyon’s fair share. A certified Housing Element also enables American Canyon to remain eligible for a variety of federal, state and regional funding programs.

A lack of a certified Housing Element triggers other state laws that limit or remove local control from land use decisions. With a certified Housing Element in place, American Canyon’s plan for future development will balance State housing requirements with the needs and aspirations of the community while also benefiting from the financial support of state and regional partners.

American Canyon’s location in the greater Bay Area and at the base of the Napa Valley positions American Canyon centrally to job centers, making housing development at all levels in the city a lynchpin in the region’s future sustainability.

“Everyone deserves a clean place to call home, and American Canyon is proud of our track record as part of the solution to the statewide housing crisis,” said American Canyon Mayor Leon Garcia. “The work that went into achieving this certification demonstrates American Canyon’s commitment to address statewide housing challenges and create an environment that meets the needs of our residents. We are proud to set a new standard for Napa County and contribute to the larger regional efforts of housing accessibility.”

The multi-year process for developing the Housing Element included several opportunities for public input, which framed the goals and programs in the update.

“Obtaining Housing Element certification is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of our community members, city officials, and staff” said Brent Cooper, AICP, American Canyon Community Development Director. “Their guidance and input created a Housing Element that meets state requirements and local priorities.”

Learn more about American Canyon’s Housing Element process: