City of Fairfield logoMicroplastics are made up of plastic matter that varies in size, is not detectable by the human eye, and results from commercial product development or the breakdown of larger plastic particles. Over the years, the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water (DDW) has placed emphasis on the need to monitor for microplastics in drinking water and, last year, adopted a policy handbook establishing a standard method of testing and reporting for microplastics in drinking water.

The plan for monitoring and reporting will take place over the next several years, and to date, no government in the world has required monitoring for microplastics in drinking water. The City’s water system was among over two dozen wholesale and retail agencies across the state who were directed to participate. 

The City is currently working with DDW to confirm sampling locations. It has proposed sampling at each water plant intakes at Waterman and North Bay Regional Water Treatment Plants.

Fairfield Municipal Utility is the only water agency in Solano County to be selected, and the state is not offering any funding to offset additional staffing, testing and reporting costs.

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