City of Ventura logoVentura residents can now voluntarily register at-risk dependents with the Ventura Police Department, providing dispatchers and officers with critical information on individuals with special needs, diagnoses, or circumstances before an emergency situation.

The voluntary registration program is for at-risk individuals and requires personal information like name, date of birth, physical attributes, known disabilities or illnesses, a current photo, and emergency contact information.

“Voluntary information provided to our team before a dire situation can expedite the search for a wandering individual by reducing the amount of information collection needed after an initial call for service,” said Police Chief Darin Schindler. “The information also further assists officers by preparing them to appropriately contact and address that individual once they’ve been located. It’s a win-win.”

At-risk dependents and families that may find this program helpful are those with a loved one with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Down Syndrome, mental illness, blind or low vision, and developmental or intellectual disabilities.

“We are grateful to Ventura PD for their ongoing partnership and dedication to keeping our at-risk residents safe, including those with Autism,” said Ashley Pope, President of the Autism Society Ventura County. “The success of this program largely hinges on active participation and registration of eligible individuals, as emergencies can strike unexpectedly. Register now for this vital program, as it has the potential to inspire safer, more inclusive approaches across first responder sectors.”

All information submitted will be secured on an internal server. Updated personal information, changes to physical appearance, and diagnosis shifts should prompt family members to re-submit and update dependent information.

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