Tripepi Smith logoIn a landmark decision aimed at blending tradition with modernity, the City of Pinole announced the adoption of a new logo, seal and brand guidelines during its Council Meeting on March 19, 2024.

Spearheaded by collaborative efforts between Pinole city officials and Tripepi Smith Creative Director, Kevin Bostwick, and Senior Business Analyst, Karen Villaseñor, the resolution marks a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards revitalizing its visual identity.

The decision to embark on this transformative endeavor stemmed from a collective recognition among city staff that the existing seal, a fixture for over 40 years, required a refresh to better reflect Pinole’s evolving ethos. Initially conceived as an homage to local indigenous history through the depiction of an Ohlone man, it became evident that contemporary perspectives warranted a reevaluation of such representations.

Consultation with the Confederated Villages of Lisjan, a prominent voice representing the local Ohlone community, further underscored the necessity for a departure from the previous emblem. Feedback indicated a preference for a logo devoid of human depictions, instead opting to honor Ohlone culture through alternative iconography. Armed with this insight, the Pinole City Council and the public deliberated over the course of 2023, culminating in the formation of an ad-hoc committee tasked with crafting a new brand identity.

Under the leadership of the Assistant to the City Manager, Fiona Epps, and in collaboration with Tripepi Smith, the committee navigated a comprehensive process of creative exploration and public engagement. Multiple options were developed for consideration, with input solicited through digital surveys, employee feedback sessions, social media channels, and direct consultations with community members at city events, and further consultation with the Confederated Villages of Lisjan.

“Redesigning our logo was a very complex but crucial process,” said Fiona Epps. “Tripepi Smith was there every step of the way to craft new images, a brand and style guide and various templates to make sure our new message would continue to be conveyed throughout our city.”

“The job of a logo is to represent a city’s values, principles and practices in a single image,” said Kevin Bostwick. “It not only encompasses who the city is but is also a crucial part of the brand that is recognized and admired by residents and beyond. I’m proud to have played a part in the evolution of Pinole’s identity.”

The adopted logo and seal iconography contain elements referencing touchstones of Pinole’s identity: water and movement (bay and creek), basket artistry of the Ohlone (a circular element representing community, plenty, and the interconnectedness between generations), a hawk representing vision and stewardship of the land, native oaks and acorns (central in the City’s name), friendly rolling hills and the warmth of their sunsets.

Click here to see the brand and style guides, logo library and branding assets.

Click here to watch the Pinole City Council Meeting about the final products.

About the City of Pinole

The City of Pinole is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the shores of San Pablo Bay in West Contra Costa County. It has a land area of more than four square miles; much of the land has gently rolling hills with steeper hills paralleling on the north and south. Incorporated in 1903, the City of Pinole is known for its rich architectural heritage and historic past.

About Tripepi Smith

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