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City of Encinitas | City Manager  

City of San Bernardino | City Manager  

City of Westminster | City Manager  

Town of Paradise | Town Manager  

City of Long Beach | Purchasing Agent  

City of Yakima | City Manager  

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City of Encinitas logo

City of Encinitas | City Manager

The City of Encinitas is seeking qualified applicants to serve as City Manager of this wonderful beachside community in dynamic northern San Diego County. Incorporated in 1986, Encinitas is a General Law city operating under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Council consists of a Mayor elected at-large and four City Council Members elected by district. The Mayor serves a two-year term and Council Members are elected on staggered four-year terms. The Deputy Mayor is selected each year by a majority vote of the City Council. With approximately 242 full-time City and San Dieguito Water District employees, the City provides a full range of services including fire and paramedic services, marine safety, development services, street maintenance and construction, water and wastewater, parks beaches and trails, and recreation. Law enforcement services are provided through a contract with the San Diego County Sheriff.  The General Fund operating budget for FY 2019-20 is $69.5 million and $71.9 million for FY 2020-21. Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. A master’s degree in public or business administration and hands on experience as a city manager, assistant city manager, or department head in a community of similar size and complexity is highly desirable. Critical skills and experience include a strong budget and finance background, experience working in a California coastal community, and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in written form. 

Competitive salary DOQ, with an excellent benefits package, including CalPERS retirement (“Classic” CalPERS members receive the 2% at age 60 retirement formula, with 7% PERS contribution paid by employee. “New” CalPERS members receive 2% at 62 retirement formula with 50% of normal cost paid by employee). 

Candidates are encouraged to apply by Friday, June 19, 2020. Electronic submittals are strongly preferred. Email compelling cover letter, comprehensive resume, and five professional references to apply@ralphandersen.com. Confidential inquiries welcomed to Dave Morgan, Ralph Andersen & Associates, at (916) 630-4900. Detailed brochure available at www.ralphandersen.com.


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City of San Bernardino logo

City of San Bernardino | City Manager

Located in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area of Southern California (often referred to as the Inland-Empire), the City of San Bernardino serves as the county seat of San Bernardino County. It spans 62 square miles and has a diverse population of over 213,000. In 2016, the citizens voted to change the City Charter, choosing to be Governed by a Council-Manager form of government. Today, the governance structure is comprised of an at-large elected Mayor and seven Council Members elected by constituents in a specific ward. Each elected official serves a four-year term. The Mayor and Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer overseeing all departments, including Community and Economic Development, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, Recreation & Community Service, Police, and Public Works Departments. The City’s FY 2019/20 General Fund budget is $126.8 million with a Capital Improvement Program budget of $28.3 million and it employs 646 full-time employees. Fire Services are provided through a contract with the County Fire Protection District. The City also operates a Water Department and Library which, by charter, is governed by a separate oversight Board.

Under general direction from the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day City administration and the coordination of all City departments including contracted services. The City of San Bernardino is seeking a strong leader and experienced manager to provide effective leadership while coordinating the activities of a municipal organization. The ideal candidate will be a strategic visionary with an innovative mindset who can take a creative approach to solving problems and managing the long-term goals of the City. The City is looking for a positive change agent adept at motivating, developing and evaluating across the organization, and committed to building a city-wide culture of teamwork, trust, and cooperation. The incoming City Manager will be someone willing to make a long-term, professional and personal commitment to the community.

The ideal candidate subscribes to the philosophy of continuous improvement, has tremendous initiative and drive, and demonstrates the highest-level character and ethical standards; Master’s degree or equivalent highly desirable in public administration, business, or related field from an accredited college or university. The salary range for the position is $268,000- $293,076 depending on qualifications.

Filing Deadline is June 12, 2020. To be considered for this opportunity, please submit a compelling cover letter, and resume that reflects your scope of responsibility and significant accomplishments to bob@bobhallandassociates.com. For more information about this position, see our City Manager Brochure. If you have questions about the position or the recruitment process, please contact Bob Hall at (714) 309-9104.


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City of Westminster logo

City of Westminster | City Manager

Incorporated in 1957, the City of Westminster is a vibrant and diverse community with a rich history and blend of residents, businesses, and tourists from many ethnic cultures and backgrounds. As of 2019, Westminster is home to an estimated population of approximately 93,000. The richly diverse community that makes up the City of Westminster is comprised of approximately 47% Asian and Pacific Islander, 26% White, 24% Hispanic, .8% Black, and 3% other. The City boasts the nation’s largest concentration of Vietnamese Americans at 37,673
residents. Westminster is home to the world-renowned “Little Saigon,” a community which offers an authentic cultural experience with Vietnamese architecture, festivals, and businesses.

The City of Westminster is seeking a strong leader and experienced manager to provide effective leadership while coordinating the activities of a municipal organization. The ideal candidate will be a strategic visionary with an innovative mindset who can take a creative approach to solving problems and managing the long-term goals of the City. The City is looking for a positive change agent adept at motivating, developing and evaluating across the organization, and committed to building a city-wide culture of teamwork, trust, and cooperation. He or she will have an understanding of and empathize with the values, traditions, and customs of local culture. The incoming City Manager will be someone willing to make a long-term, professional and personal commitment to the community.

Qualifications include equivalent to graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in public or business administration, public policy, finance, or a related field and ten (10) years of management or administrative experience in a public agency setting as a City Manager, Assistant City Manager, or in a related administrative/managerial capacity involving responsibility for planning, organization, and implementation, including six (6) years of management or supervisory experience. An equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Public or Business Administration is highly desired. The salary range for the position is $226,000-$250,000 depending on qualifications and boasts a generous benefits plan.

Filing Deadline is May 29, 2020. To be considered for this opportunity, please submit a compelling cover letter, and resume that reflects your scope of responsibility and significant accomplishments to bob@bobhallandassociates.com. For more information about this position, see our City Manager Brochure. If you have questions about the position or the recruitment process, please contact Bob Hall at (714) 309-9104.


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Town of Paradise logo

The Town of Paradise | Town Manager

The Community

The Town of Paradise, a general law city, nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills, is located in Butte County, California. The area offers breathtaking views, hiking, biking, fishing, and many opportunities for the outdoor adventurer. Residents enjoy, cooler summertime temperatures, occasional winter snowfalls, and an engaging environment. Rich in history, natural beauty, and friendly people, Paradise is a welcoming rural community and is a fantastic place to raise a family.

On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire wildfire destroyed much of the Town of Paradise. As a result, Paradise lost close to 12,000 dwelling units, with about 1,400 surviving the disaster. However, rebuilding efforts are underway and well-exceeding expectations thanks to a coordinated response by Town leadership, staff, volunteers, and the community.

The first building permits were issued five months after the fire. Now, fifteen months later, there continues to be a steady surge in rebuild applications. As of mid-April 2020, 917 rebuild applications have been submitted, 750 permits have been issued, and 106 homes have been completely rebuilt. Currently, we estimate about 5,000 families living in Town but the numbers are growing as the Town of Paradise experiences a “boom town” effect due to our robust rebuilding efforts.

The Town established a first-of-its-kind, Building Resiliency Center (BRC,) as a one-stop-shop for homeowners to assist in their home rebuilding process. This center has remained operational, despite the Corona Virus, and continues to serve Camp Fire Survivors—or Paradise Pioneers, as we lovingly refer to ourselves now that we are uniting, growing and rebuilding after the Camp Fire.

In a recent settlement, PG&E committed to pay $13.5 billion to Camp Fire survivors, with about $270 million going directly to the Town of Paradise to maintain operations and fund critical services. This funding will ensure the Town’s financial stability for many years.

While the Town of Paradise has faced challenges due to the Camp Fire, the Town remains resilient and determined. Our leadership has set the course and laid a solid platform for the new Town Manager to successfully lead the team into the future.

The Organization

Founded in November 1979, the Town of Paradise is a municipality offering police protection, fire prevention, suppression and medical aid; community development, planning, and building safety; public works, capital improvements, and street maintenance; and housing and business development programs. The Town Council of The Town of Paradise is the chief policy-making body comprised of five members elected at large by the community to four-year staggered terms of office. The Town Manager leads staff in executing the vision and priorities established by the Town Council.

The Position

This position offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for the right candidate to be part of the rebuilding of the Town of Paradise. The position also offers an opportunity to reshape a strong, resilient, charming community, well-suited for raising families and growing small business enterprises.

The Town Manager supervises and directs the administration of the various departments; presents recommendations and information to enable the Town Council to make decisions on matters of policy; coordinates the Town of Paradise’s working relationship with external agencies and organizations; oversees the planning and funding of major Town projects; serves as a liaison to improve communications between the Town Administration, community organizations and citizens; and works to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction with Town services.

The Town Manager also directs, manages, and oversees all of the activities and operations of the Town of Paradise including its operating departments, public safety contracts and provides complex administrative support to the Town Council.

In the event of an emergency, the Town Manager also acts as the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Director. The EOC Director determines the level of staffing and resources necessary to manage an appropriate emergency response.

Other essential responsibilities and duties include:

  • Is responsible for and manages all Town departments, including Police, Fire, Finance and Administration, Public Safety, Building, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, Engineering, and Public Works.
  • Directs and coordinates the development and implementation of goals, objectives, and programs for the Town Council and the Town as appropriate; develops administrative policies, procedures, and work standards to ensure that the goals and objectives are met and that programs provide mandated services in an effective, efficient, and economical manner.
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for the Town; authorizes directly or through staff, budget transfers, expenditures, and purchases; provides information regarding the financial condition and needs to the Town Council.
  • Develops and standardizes procedures and methods to improve and continuously monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of assigned programs, projects, service delivery methods, and procedures; assesses and monitors workload, administrative and support systems, and internal reporting relationships; identifies opportunities for improvement and makes recommendations to Town Council.
  • Advises the Town Council on legal, social, and economic issues, programs, and financial status; prepares and recommends long and short-term plans for Town service provision, capital improvements, and funding; and directs the development of specific proposals for action regarding current and future Town needs.
  • Represents the Town and the Council in meetings with governmental agencies, community groups, and various business, professional, educational, regulatory, and legislative organizations.
  • Provides for the investigation and resolution of complaints regarding the administration of and services provided by the Town government.
  • Provides for contract services and franchise agreements; ensures proper performance of obligations to the Town; has responsibility for enforcement of all Town codes, ordinances, and regulations.
  • Oversees the selection, training, professional development, and work evaluation of Town staff; oversees the implementation of effective employee relations programs; provides policy guidance and interpretation to staff.
  • Directs the preparation of and prepares a variety of correspondence, reports, policies, procedures, and other written materials.
  • Directs the maintenance of working and official Town files. Monitors changes in laws, regulations, and technology that may affect Town operations; implements policy and procedural changes as required.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be an experienced administrator with a record of successfully guiding a local government under a Council, and will have the ability to demonstrate sound management theory and practices. The candidate will have the skillset to work through a variety of complex issues and projects. The ideal candidate will be capable of formulating and administering economic development policies and practices and will have the skills and acumen necessary to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Town.

The Town of Paradise also seeks a candidate who has experience putting together multi-million dollar projects using a variety of Federal, State, and private grant opportunities. The ideal candidate will recognize the importance of collaborating with other agencies and community groups and individuals while completing large and small scale community projects.

The ideal candidate will be an energetic individual with exceptional interpersonal and public communication skills. The ideal candidate should be a proactive collaborator who can think analytically and act strategically.

Most importantly, the ideal candidate will recognize that this role is pivotal to the Town’s successful recovery from the devastation of the Camp Fire and to the establishment of the Town of Paradise as a paragon for rural communities and municipalities.

Minimum Qualifications

Qualified candidates must possess equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in public or business administration, public policy, finance, or a related field and ten (10) years of management or administrative experience in a public agency comparable to a Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, or in a related administrative/managerial capacity involving responsibility for planning, organization, and implementation.

The Compensation

The salary range for this position is $137,530–$175,552 annually, depending on qualifications. Additionally, effective July 6, 2020, the range will increase by 3%. PERS retirement 2%@62 for new member, 2%@60 for classic member T-2

Retiree Medical Equal to active EE contribution

Admin Leave 120 hrs/yr.

Longevity 5%@10yrs, up to 7.5%@15yrs

Sick Leave 96 hrs/yr.

Vacation Leave

0–4 years = 120 hrs/yr

5–9 years = 135 hrs/yr

10–14 years = 176 hrs/yr

15 & over = 200 hrs/yr

Holidays 11 days/yr. & 28 hrs Floating

Medical Plan* PERS Medical Plan* MetLife

* Some employee costs apply to health plans

** Deferred compensation in lieu of medical is an option

Short-Term & Long Term Disability Plan Life Insurance $150,000

To Apply

To apply for this position, please visit Koff & Associates’ website and submit a cover letter and resume.

As an alternative, you can mail your cover letter, employment application form, and resume to this address:

Koff & Associates 2835 Seventh Street Berkeley, CA 94710

For any questions, please contact K&A Recruiting at: recruiting@koffassociates.com.

The deadline to apply for this position is Thursday, May 21.

View the job brochure here.


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The City of Long Beach | Purchasing Agent

The Community: Ideally located on the Pacific Ocean south of Los Angeles, just west of Orange County, Long Beach is the seventh-largest city in the State of California. The City has been referred to as the “most diverse city” in the country by USA Today and one of the Best Communities for Young People two years in a row. Offering all the world-class amenities of a large metropolitan city, coupled with its strong sense of community and pride, Long Beach is one of the most vibrant communities in the country.

With its ideal location in Southern California, year-round comfortable climate, healthy business environment and far-ranging cultural pursuits, the City is alive with activity. Long Beach is home to an abundance of cultural and recreational options. Expansive beaches, three marinas, five golf courses, the Aquarium of the Pacific, Queen Mary and the annual Grand Prix of Long Beach serve to draw 5.5 million visitors a year.

The City’s full-service commercial airport has preferred flight schedules, carriers, and an overall accessibility that makes it the trave-friendly alternative to other Southern California airports. In addition, Los Angeles’ rail transit system, the most used light rail system in the country, connects the city to the entire region. Long Beach continues to make significant investment in its parks, beaches, streets and other amenities (including a new city hall) indicative of financial stability and the health of the City.

The City is home to California State University, Long Beach which is the second-largest university in the state and was ranked the No. 3 best–value public college in the nation. Numerous other major universities and community colleges are within short driving distance to include UCLA, USC, Pepperdine University and Long Beach City College. Serving the K-12 student population, the Long Beach Unified School District consistently ranks among the Top 10 urban school districts in the country.

City Government: Long Beach is a full-service Charter City governed by nine City Council members who are elected by district and a Mayor that is elected at-large. Elected officials also include the City Attorney, City Auditor, and City Prosecutor. The Council Members and the Mayor are subject to a two-term limit, which allows them to serve for a maximum of eight years. The City Council appoints a City Manager and a City Clerk. The City Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of all City departments, excluding those under the direction of a separately elected official, Board or Commission. Long Beach is a full-service City providing all traditional public services. In addition to its traditional services, Long Beach also maintains one of the world’s busiest seaports, which serves as a leading gateway for international trade.

The City also has its own full-service commercial airport, a Gas & Oil Department, and is one of only three cities in California with its own Health Department. More than 6,000 full and part-time employees support municipal operations with the majority being represented by eleven employee associations. To learn more about the City of Long Beach, go to www.longbeach.gov.

The Department: The Department of Financial Management administers the financial affairs of the City and provides related services to citizens, elected officials, and City departments. The Department is charged with managing revenues, expenditures, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, investments, cash management, and debt issuance and management. With a staff of approximately 240 employees, the Department includes the Bureaus of: Administrative Services, City Controller, Budget Management, Commercial Services, City Treasurer, Business Services, Fleet, and Financial Controls.

The Position: The Purchasing Agent (Officer), an at-will management position, oversees and strengthens the day to day operations of the Purchasing Division. This Division is responsible for managing purchasing processes and development of related policy throughout the City (exclusive of the Water and Harbor departments). The Division either directly manages purchasing activities or sets the policy and procedures that others must follow, and provides review and control over all proposed purchases.

The Purchasing Agent directs the activities of the buyers and other support staff and reports to the Purchasing and Business Services Manager, who in turn reports to the Director of Financial Management. This Purchasing Agent opening presents a rare and valuable career growth opportunity for the successful candidate. Management and staff throughout the City’s diverse operations work in a highly collaborative fashion to accomplish City goals, and the Purchasing Agent will benefit from these partnerships and deep exposures within a large, full-service municipality. The recent launch of the City’s new financial system provides the perfect opening to introduce improved business processes and conduct a “reset” with internal customers through fresh training on foundational purchasing concepts and best practices. The Purchasing team possesses strong technical experience, good judgment, fresh ideas, and a willingness to implement change. Through the combination of these unique factors, the successful candidate will arrive at the perfect place and time to lead this organization to the next level and solidify the City’s position as a world-class procurement organization.

  • Developing policies and procedures to ensure a consistent approach across all City procurement channels.
  • Improving internal and external customer service as well as the quality of procurements, documented via the development and tracking of appropriate performance measures.
  • Improving operating departments’ understanding of the overall purchasing processes and their roles and responsibilities through training and outreach.
  • Increasing engagement of the local business community in City procurements through innovative marketing, outreach, and process improvements.

The Ideal Candidate:  The ideal candidate will be a strategic, technical expert with excellent managerial skills and a strong service orientation; and be a team-player and relationship builder who is able to build consensus and facilitate partnerships with staff, executive leadership, and other key stakeholders. Excellent verbal communication and writing skills are needed to establish written process and procedures and purchasing training materials, and to clearly communicate department goals, policies, and initiatives. Flexibility and strong interpersonal skills are required to collaborate on recommendations, procurement options and solutions when obstacles are presented. The selected candidate will have a big picture perspective, be accurate and detailed, avoid technical mistakes, and be able to coach and mentor a team of up to eight buyers and administrative support staff.

The Successful Candidate:

  • Has a broad staff development understanding, from training to discipline, to successfully manage a diverse team with a challenging workload.
  • Is a creative thinker and problem-solver who is comfortable developing new policies and procedures reflective of the needs of a complex and partially decentralized organization. Will be comfortable working with staff and managers at all levels.
  • Will enjoy working in an informal work environment, which relies significantly on relationships as well as traditional organizational structures.
  • Has the ability to develop relationships to improve processing times and eliminate delays in processing sensitive or urgent projects.
  • Will be able to handle significant challenges, both of a longer-term nature and immediate normal day-to-day issues.
  • Will be able to continually re-prioritize and determine needs to focus the division’s resources on its core mission.
  • Will be able to oversee preparation of purchasing information for City Council meetings, answer questions, and make any necessary presentations to City Council and the public.
  • Will develop a strong partnership with the Labor Compliance Officer to support implementation of the Long Beach Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Ordinance, Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, Project Labor Agreement (PLA), HUD Section 3 program, State and Federal prevailing wage requirements, and other compliance areas.
  • Will encourage and grow participation by Long Beach businesses in City procurements.
  • Will work to foster and develop relationships with other local and regional agencies to maximize the leverage on pricing or service delivery in the marketplace on behalf of all internal customers.

Key Competencies & Characteristics:

  • Creative and visionary leadership.
  • Ability to clearly articulate rules and requirements, but willing to assess possible options and solutions.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills; able to encourage cooperation, foster dialogue, and build rapport.
  • Strong customer service and business acumen, with the ability to carefully evaluate and improve the department’s efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.
  • Understanding of the culture of organizations and be sensitive to the people as well as the overall organizational structure.
  • A style of management that includes honest dialogue, provides structure and support, and allows for employee growth and development, and respectful interaction and team building.
  • A motivated, high performer with a willingness to teach, mentor, and who is focused on delivering positive outcomes and excellent customer service.
  • Calm under pressure, possessing a positive attitude.
  • An active listener.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of six years of paid, full-time purchasing experience, two years in a supervisory capacity.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, or closely related field; or, an equivalent combination of education and related experience.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Two years of governmental purchasing experience.
  • Training and/or certification in purchasing and purchasing management, such as Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO), Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) or Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM), or a Management Certificate in Public Procurement (MCPP)
  • Experience in fleet purchases, capital project construction bidding, and professional services RFPs and demonstrated ability to manage a purchasing operation and associated staffing. Familiarity and experience with prevailing wage, DBE, Section 3, SBE, and project labor agreements (PLA).
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and in writing, including the ability to present to the public and at City Council meetings.
  • Work experience in a comparable sized agency with similar complex and diverse operations.

Compensation & Benefits:

The annual salary for this position is expected to be in the $115,000 to $128,000 range depending on experience and qualifications.

Retirement: City offers CalPERS with a benefit of 2.5% @ 55 for Classic members or 2% at 62 for new members as defined by PEPRA, subject to the limitations set by PERS. Employee pays the employee portion. The City also participates in Social Security.

Vacation: 12 days (96 hours) after one year of service; 15 days (120 hours) after four years, six months of service; 20 days (160 hours) after 19 years, six months of service.

Executive Leave: Forty (40) hours per year.

Sick Leave: One day (8 hours) earned per month; unlimited accumulation; conversion upon retirement to cash credit toward health and/or dental insurance premiums, or to pension credits.

Holidays: Nine (9) designated holidays per year, plus four (4) personal holidays (8 hours per holiday).

Transportation and Technology Allowances:

Health Insurance: Two plans are available: one HMO, and one PPO plan. The City pays major portion of the premium for employee and dependents.

Dental Insurance: Two dental plans are available for employees and dependents.

LIFE INSURANCE: City-paid term life insurance policy equal to three times annual salary to a maximum of $500,000.

Disability: City-paid short-term and long-term disability insurance.

Management Physical: Annual City-paid physical examination.

Deferred Compensation: Available through ICMA Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC).

View the job posting brochure.

Application Process & Recruitment Schedule:  The final filing date for this position is SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020. To be considered, please submit a cover letter and, résumé. Résumés should reflect years and months of all positions held, as well as the size of staff you have managed.

To Apply: https://koffassociates.applytojob.com/apply/DSVSyLrJPB/Purchasing-Agent?source=Public+CEO

Candidates with the most relevant qualifications will be invited to participate in a panel interview. Finalist may be required to participate in a written test and/or presentation, as determined by the City.

This recruitment may be extended if there are not a sufficient amount of qualified applicants by the May 17 filing date.


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City of Yakima

The City of Yakima | City Manager

The City of Yakima is offering a great opportunity to a City Manager looking for a new community to call home.

Located within a 2-hour drive to Seattle and 3 hours from Portland, Yakima is a diverse community in the wine and hop country of Central Washington. Strategically nestled in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, Yakima enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine per year with four separate and distinct seasons, offering a multitude of outdoor activities from hiking and fly fishing, to nearby skiing and snowboarding.

Yakima is seeking a knowledgeable leader who is approachable, fair, organized, and progressive for the position of City Manager.  The ideal candidate will be visionary, yet has practical business sense and experience. The City desires a candidate with a heart for a community invested in agriculture and hometown values of integrity, hard work and service to others.

This position reports to the City Council and is responsible for the administration and daily management of the municipal government of the City of Yakima including, but not limited to, the supervision and direction of department directors and other staff.

It is expected Yakima’s next City Manager be respectful of council, staff, and the public while encouraging an environment where creativity flourishes, and results and accountability are prioritized. Other important characteristics are experience managing in lean times, the ability to anticipate and resolve issues before they escalate, and the foresight to look to the future for growth and development.

Qualifications: Top qualifying candidates will possess a master’s degree in Public Administration, Business, Law, Political Science or closely related field and a minimum of five (5) years’ experience as a City Manager, Assistant City Manager, exempt level department head or other senior administrative officer.

The successful candidate must have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

Must pass a background investigation regarding applicant’s aptitude, character, judgement, credit, driving record and criminal history.

Compensation & Benefits: The City of Yakima offers a competitive salary and benefit packing including annual salary range between $190,000 and $220, 000; Medical/Dental/Vision coverage; FREE healthcare clinic; Paid Time Off (PTO); Membership in WA State PERS Pension; Car allowance; reimbursement for moving expenses; and more!

Apply: Applications must be submitted online at www.yakimawa.gov prior to 5 p.m. June 3, 2020.

All applications must be completed in full AND have the following attachments to be considered.  (Resume may not substitute for work history information required in the application)

  • Letter of interest and resume
  • Name and complete contact information for five (5) references including at least one current or previous supervisor

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