Hard economic times have impacted the ability for unemployed parents to pay child support.

The County of San Diego is taking steps to help financial struggling, non-custodial parents with job training and modifying court orders to help make child support payments.

The County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has seen collections to pay child support through unemployment intercepts increase by 130 percent, according to a San Diego County Press Release.

“We want parents who owe child support to know that they can come in and work with us while they are experiencing economic hardships,” said DCSS Director Jeff Grissom. “If there’s been a change in their circumstances, their court order should accurately reflect that situation.

“At the same time, we’ve established partnerships to help them return to the workforce and provide financial and medical support to their children.”

The DSS has setup several programs, including:

  • An agreement with The San Diego Workforce Partnership that provides job training, job search skills and helps finding employment to fulfill child support obligation.
  • Collaboration with the Superior Court to modify monthly child support obligations.
  • An initiative with the Parole and Community Team to restore parolee’s driver’s licenses to help find employment.
  • Review of cases in which modification of child support is indicated.