The Ontario City Council didn’t host a meeting on Tuesday night, at least not at City Hall.

The reason?

There was no quorum. The entire City Council was at the Lakers preseason basketball game.

Councilman Alan Wapner told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper that the Council’s presence at the NBA game was appropriate.

“The exhibition game is a contractual event with AEG to have one annual Lakers game,” Wapner told the newspaper. “So it’s not an everyday occurrence. It’s going to occur once a year.”

He told the Daily Bulletin that the Council’s presence at the game helps the city protect its $150 million investment in the arena as well as allowing council members to spend time with the community.

City Manager Greg Devereaux approved of the decision.

“It was the one-year celebration of the opening of the arena. The Lakers opened the facility, and this year it was once again well-attended, and the council wanted to be out there,” he told the newspaper.