Everyone loves a good reality show.

The city of American Canyon is making a move to television, preparing to launch a quarterly TV show. The city’s dive into local cable access might just be the start, city officials said this week.

The new City Hall was designed with the possibility of broadcasting for television and contains hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for that purpose, City Manager Rich Ramirez said, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald.

“The investment in the hardware and software is about $500,000, soup to nuts,” Ramirez told the newspaper.

The format for the TV show would follow that of a  “talk show,” with a host and call-ins from viewers.

“The programming will be educational and informational,” said American Canyon Chamber President Pam Wilkinson, according to the Times-Herald.

“We’re focused on more local issues — on the kinds of issues on which we can make an impact, like city finances, traffic, water — things it’s important for our residents to know.”