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On Saturday, February 6, an end of an era will come to Sacramento. The famous Squeeze Inn will be closing it’s location at 7916 Fruitridge Avenue in Sacramento.

To clarify, The Squeeze Inn is not closing, it is simply closing it’s historic location that became the scene of a lawsuit filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) last year. It will be opening its new location right around the corner in the next few weeks.

Famous for it’s 1/3 of a pound hamburger with a bubbling cheese skirt, the Squeeze Inn garnered extra publicity after appearing on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. In fact, the show’s host Guy Fieri recently appeared on Jay Leno’s show and ranked it in the two best burgers he has ever had.

Come Saturday, the famous location on Fruitridge will be closing and the cozy 12-seat diner owned by the great Hausauer Family will be no more. A little slice of Sacramento will be gone, all due to an ADA lawsuit. While it will live on in it’s new location and another location in Galt, it wont’ be quite the same.

Despite the huge cost of relocating, the Hausauer Family will continue and the famous Squeeze Inn Burger will be saved. They will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars but it will still be a part of the Sacramento Region.

You really have to wonder if there could have been an easier solution to this problem. Even though the lawsuit was eventually dropped, the damage had already been done. It is just not possible to make all the required fixes at the current location.

So if you have no plans this week or on Saturday, February 6th, grab the family and jump in the car and go grab yourself one of the best burgers you will ever taste. Just give yourself a little time, because I have a feeling the place is going to be packed.

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