Call me crazy, but these types of lists – albeit complete unscientific – are sometimes a kick to look at.

Online publication, The Daily Beast, ranked “America’s Craziest Cities” and eight cities out of California made the list.

The factors for the rankings included psychiatrists per capita, stress based on an emotional and mental health Gallup survey, alcohol drinking and eccentricity (a completely subjective measurement compiled by a travel writer).

The highest ranked city was, surprise, San Francisco, which ranked in at No. 1 behind top ranked Cincinnati. The city by the bay was highest in psychiatrists per capita and was ranked No. 2 in eccentricity.

Neighboring Oakland was ranked next highest at No. 11. Other California cities included San Diego (No. 22) Los Angeles (No. 27), Riverside (No. 34), Anaheim (No. 40), San Jose (No. 42) and Sacramento (No. 43).

For the entire list, click here.