On December 19, 2008, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued new preliminary flood zone maps.  The revised maps, which will take effect on June 18, 2010, have significantly expanded the area of high-risk flood zones within Yolo County. 

Some property owners face new flood insurance requirements, and those seeking to build or to substantially add to existing buildings in high-risk flood zones may face new permitting and construction requirements.  Design requirements may also have changed based on the newly proposed flood zones for those planning new construction or improvements to a home or business in a high-risk flood zone.

All proposed new structures or substantial improvement of existing structures in a flood hazard area must be constructed at least one foot above the flood hazard elevation or flood-proofed in accordance with the new regulations to protect them from flooding.  Yolo County property owners in high-risk flood zone areas are encouraged to submit for construction permits before the new maps take effect.

The new maps are part of FEMA’s Flood Map Modernization Program, which includes revised nationwide standards for determining the level of flood protection provided by levees.  These changes have led to major revisions in FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map for Yolo County.  As a result, some areas once designated as low-risk are now identified as high-risk flood zones.

For more information regarding potential flood risk or the preliminary FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map for Yolo County, visit www.yolocounty.org.