What is PublicCEO.com?PublicCEO.com is a local government news site dedicated to providing a statewide perspective on California’s cities, counties and special districts.

With a team of writers positioned up and down the state, PublicCEO.com provides the most relevant headlines and commentary from throughout the 481 cities, 58 counties and thousands of special districts.

Most importantly, PublicCEO.com seeks to provide the tools for local government employees to succeed – including information on the best practices around the state and inventive governance procedures and trends. The site also offers access to staff reports and a jobs board.

Who reads PublicCEO.com?

Our service is free to our readers. Each weekday, the PublicCEO.com email is sent to a list of 21,000 subscribers, comprised of local government decision-makers (City Managers, County Administrators, Public Executives, Elected Officials), as well as prominent media members who cover government issues throughout the state.

Other media outlets frequently pick up PublicCEO.com’s content. As Editor, Dan Oney has been asked to do a number of interviews regarding local government issues, including an interview with the Los Angeles Times and with CBS Statewide network of channels. PublicCEO.com is also in partnership with The Sacramento Bee and its Sacramento Connect feature. This is all in addition to the incredible evolution of other media sites linking to our content.

What’s PublicCEO.com’s traffic?

PublicCEO.com.com serves an extremely niche audience of those who work in or with local governments. The daily email is sent to 21,000 subscribers.

Specific traffic numbers are available upon request.

If you have interest speaking about a sponsorship package, please contact Dan Oney at 916-333-5285 or at dan@publicceo.com

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