PublicCEO shared last week the top City Manager compensation, as reported by the OC Watchdog, of the Orange County Register.

Now, the OC Watchdog has released two more reports: Mid-Sized cities City Manager average pay and small cities City Manager pay.

The Watchdog reports, “The city managers in Orange County’s mid-sized cities averaged $272,573 in total compensation in 2009, according to the rather controversial report we’ve been rifling through this week.

“That’s just $20,000 less than what their big-city counterparts earned ($292,561).”

The small city managers average pay is $262,196.

“The average total compensation for the city managers of small cities was $262,196 last year,  according to the controversial report we’ve been rifling through this week (released by Laguna Hills city council candidate Barbara “Stir-the-Pot” Kogerman and three graduate students).

The benefits portion of that figure was $74,752.

That ranged from a high of $460,809 in Laguna Hills – a figure the city manager challenges as incorrect and misleading – to a low of $170,920 for tiny Villa Park (where the city manager is paid for 32 hours a week. though she works far more, she told The Watchdog).”