With all the pessimism floating around California’s recent rankings (The Smoggiest Cities In America, Ranking The Most Economically Stressed Counties), here’s a ranking that really shows California still has muscle to flex in the nation.

Men’s Health released its ranking of the fattest cities and the leanest cities in the nation. California ranked on the healthier side, with just one city landing in the Top 20 fattest cities and one California city ranking in at No. 1 for the leanest cities.

According to the article, the rankings “Calculated the percentage of people who are overweight, the percentage with type 2 diabetes, the percentage who haven’t left the couch in a month (CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System); the money spent on junk food (Bureau of Labor Statistics); and finally, the number of people who ate fast food nine or more times in a month (Mediamark Research).”

The Fattest Cities:

Ranking   City    State    Grade

1.    Corpus Christi    Texas    F
2.    Charleston    W.Va.    F
3.    El Paso    Texas    F
4.    Dallas    Texas    F
5.    Memphis    Tenn.    F
6.    Kansas City    Mo.    F
7.    San Antonio    Texas    F
8.    Baltimore    Md.    F
9.    Houston    Texas    D-
10.  Birmingham    Ala.    D-

Cities 11-90, With Rankings and Grades

11. Durham, N.C. D-; 12. Jacksonville, Fla. D-; 13. Lubbock, Texas D-; 14. Buffalo, N.Y. D; 15. Philadelphia, Pa. D; 16. Riverside, Calif. D; 17. Oklahoma City, Okla. D; 18. New Orleans, La. D; 19. Jersey City, N.J. D; 20. Las Vegas, Nev. D

The Leanest Cities

Ranking    City    State    Grade

1.    San Francisco    Calif.    A+
2.    Burlington    Vermont    A+
3.    Washington, D.C.    A
4.    Seattle    Wash.    A
5.    Austin    Texas    A
6.    Albuquerque    N.M.    A-
7.    Portland    Ore.    A-
8.    Cincinnati    Ohio    A-
9.    Denver    Colo.    A-
10.    Aurora    Colo.    B+

For the complete lists for both, click here.