There is a heavy flow of stories from San Bernardino County that arrive straight into our “It Could Be Worse” section.

Next up … a City Councilman in Chino will go to court on Wednesday morning for his involvement in a hit-and-run that led to a standoff with police at his house.

Councilman Earl Elrod will appear in court today, Wednesday June 23, at 8:30 a.m.

The incident that occurred on Feb. 14 is a bit strange. Apparently, Elrod fled the scene of the accident after his car hit a bicyclist. As it would turn out, the bicyclist was at fault for not obeying a stop sign and suffered only minor injuries.

But at the time, Elrod fled to his home and refused to answer the door despite requests from the police.

“Once our investigators were there, they did make contact loudly knocking on the Elrod garage, and they could hear the phone ringing inside the house, but nobody responded and he never came out that night,” California Highway Patrol spokesman Danny Hesser said, according to the Daily Bulletin newspaper.

The newspaper later reported that it is against the U.S. Constitution to bust down the doors of someone who left the scene of a crime.

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