The following letters came in response to Monday’s piece: “Fair Or Not? Editorial Cartoon Takes Shot At City Manager

I think the political cartoon is fair.  All too often city and county officials and staff take offense to the public asking questions about salaries and benefits.  I think they fail to understand who pays the bills. 

It would be interesting to know what the Rio Vista city manager’s total compensation package ends up being by the time you include his other perks.  Does he get compensated for being the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency?  Is he the City Clerk also and does he get compensated for that?  These are among the questions that could be asked, one might find the answers interesting.

Cliff Chapman

In Response: City Manager Hector De La Rosa: Compensation package of $166,442 includes $130,000 base salary, $7,637 retirement, $175 vision benefit, $2,153 dental benefit, $480 life insurance premium, $17,490 health benefit and $8,507 Medicare/FICA contribution. Also receives 120 hours vacation, 96 hours sick leave and 80 hours administrative leave. – PublicCEO Reader

Just another shot by the media towards those who work in government. Not everyone is a bad person just because of Bell. The media needs to stop picking on these people.

Anita Jimenez

If anyone is disturbed by editorial cartoons, they need not be in elected or appointed office. The proper function of editorials, either written or pictorial, is to keep the citizens aware of their government and to be talking about it. This applies to cities, state and Federal governments.

It irritates me that we may see 25 people or so at an Apple valley Town council meeting, but then we see anonymous postings on-line and in the local Victorville Daily Depressed from people who have not a clue as to what actually occurred. It takes only three minutes (the maximum allowed) to express one’s views at the town council meetings. Also, I call the finance director when I do not understand a budget item and he explains it to me in terms I can understand. If a government official at any level refuses to be open about things, they must be replaced.

Richard Rorex
Apple Valley

As was noted in the article, De La Rosa’s salary of $130,000 is not unreasonable on its face.   But his refusal to discuss it seems analogous to “where there is smoke, there’s fire.”

Pedro Rincon