While Galt had never been very accepting of medicinal marijuana, the threat of Prop 19’s passage forced the City Council to take more drastic measures yesterday.

Because the proposition simply legalizes the sale and includes no pre-established regulations, the city feared swift action from businesses hoping to capitalize on the new markets.

In a 4-0 vote, it was decided to put in place a 45-day emergency prohibition of all commercial marijuana sales.

From the Lodi News-Sentinel:

Concerns about a statewide initiative prompted the Galt City Council to unanimously pass an urgency ordinance temporarily banning the establishment or operation of commercial marijuana businesses.

City staff is worried that if Proposition 19 passes, pot shops could come into town before the council can decide how to regulate them. In the staff report, it specifically mentions concerns about the Galt Wellness Center reopening almost immediately and selling up to one ounce of marijuana to anyone over the age of 21.

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