Driving into or out of San Francisco may become substantially more expensive.

In the following weeks and months the County Supervisors will begin additional studies and develop alternate plans to help determine the best way to implement a congestion fee.

Right now, three options exist: a $6 dollar option to the north, a $3 dollar option to the south, or a $6 dollar parking fee for all private lots. 

The plans are expected to add about $1,560 per commuter, and could raise as much as $80 million per year for the city.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Drivers crossing greater downtown San Francisco and the southern border with San Mateo County could be hit with a new toll costing them as much as $1,560 a year.

Everyone from workers to parents dropping off their kids at school could have to pay the new charge, which is designed to ease congestion and raise revenue for extra bus service, pothole repairs and bike and pedestrian improvements.

For several years, San Francisco transportation officials have considered imposing a charge to drive in targeted neighborhoods, and on Wednesday they said they hope to move forward with one or more pilot projects.

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