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California voters and local government officials have demonstrated their opposition to the raiding of local government funds by State legislators. Ballot measures have been repeatedly passed to no avail.

Mayor Sam Salmon and the Town Council of Windsor unanimously passed a resolution supporting Proposition 22, The Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act of 2010.

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Approval of this proposition will close loopholes and change the constitution to prevent State politicians in Sacramento from seizing, diverting, shifting, borrowing, transferring, suspending or taking tax revenues dedicated to local government services.

These funds are critical to provide and maintain emergency response and public programs. The resolution further states that billions of dollars have been borrowed from local governments despite numerous preventative measures being passed.

It is the feeling of Proposition 22 supporters that politicians are ignoring voters and laws when taking these funds from local governments.

The Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act will be on the November ballot.

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