jerry brownAs part of the Governor’s Budget Proposal, Governor Brown has outlined his vision for the future of California’s social services network.

It would include 58 locally run systems for social safety nets. 58 child care and foster systems. 58 mental health, drug, and alcohol systems. 58 systems for the elderly.

Along with the shift to the county level, the Governor has called for cuts to Welfare, Medi-Cal, In Home Supportive Services, and Child care.

If there weren’t a name atop the proposal, it could easily be mistaken for a repeat of last year’s original outline.

From the Mercury News:

Proposing a major shift of social services from the state to the county level, Gov. Jerry Brown envisions 58 locally run systems for foster care, drug and alcohol treatment and programs for the elderly.

And while county officials conceptually like the idea, they fear the shift will not be accompanied by appropriate levels of funding.

Those fears were stoked by the Democratic governor’s budget plan announced Monday, which also proposed significant cuts to the state’s welfare, child care and in-home health care programs — many of them proposed by his predecessor, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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