While some cities protest the proposed route of high-speed rail, or raise concerns about its impacts on their communities, others are encouraging the project to come closer to home.

Cities in San Bernardino are hoping to attract the rail line to cut farther into the county, and bring a boon to their economy.

Bringing high-speed rail farther east into the county could allow the new rail system to be used to decrease roadway congestion, while making commuting to major metropolitan areas more feasible.

However, not everyone is onboard with the plan entirely. One city council member who voted for the resolution of support doesn’t think that now is the right time for high-speed rail, but he does what the city to benefit from the system if it is built.

From the Redlands Daily Facts:

The City Council has joined with other area cities in supporting the effort to bring high-speed rail to the area.

At their meeting this week, council members adopted a resolution urging the California High Speed Rail Authority to realign the rail plans to bring the track farther into San Bernardino County.

“This resolution does not discuss the certainty of whether the project will be built on not,” Mayor Pete Aguilar said. “All we’re discussing is supporting an endorsement that if the line is built in the Inland Empire that it come further east than as currently slated through Ontario.”

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