San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera motioned on Friday to dismiss a lawsuit by Safeway challenging an ordinance banning tobacco sales in stores that have a pharmacy.  

The California Medical Association, representing nearly 35,000 physicians, offered testimony in support of the city attorney.  

According to the press release from the city attorney’s office,”Pharmacies exist to serve our health needs.  When people in the pharmacy business sell cigarettes, it undermines the medical profession’s enormous efforts to warn of the dangers of smoking.  I am very grateful for the strong support of the California Medical Association for San Francisco’s groundbreaking law” Herrera said.

The California Medical Association strongly supports the San Francisco ordinance as it is consistent with conclusions found by the medical and public health community.

Such policy is said to be an integral component of the campaign against smoking and tobacco addiction. This decision is just another step in city policy addressing social norms and attempting to curb behavior with smoking by limiting availability and accessibility.

“Physicians and the public health community have made great progress in changing social norms about smoking, and their brief today will help us protect the progress we’ve made to fight tobacco use here in San Francisco” Herrera said.

Article 19J of the San Francisco Municipal Code prohibits the sale of tobacco in stores with a pharmacy.

Similar ordinances can be found in Boston and Richmond, California. County Supervisor Eric Mar crafted the ordinance.