Some could say San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris took control back of his city council meeting after accusing City Attorney James F. Penman of grandstanding during an election year.

According to, The San Bernardino Sun, Penman has launched four investigations into alleged state Political Reform Act violations by elected officials.

Morris said Penman was attempting to “hijack” the council’s agenda to meet political needs.

Penman alerted the City Council last week in a written report of the allegations, along with requesting to speak to the council as City Attorney, instead of presenting as a member of the public. Morris did not comply with the request.

The report to the council did not identify which officials were being investigated, but Penman claims the public is calling and demanding what the City Attorney’s Office is doing to investigate corruption.

According to Penman’s report, anywhere from 12-24 claims of political corruption are filed with the City Attorney’s Office every year.

Penman has not confirmed his re-election bid.

Penman paid a $5,000 penalty in 2009 to the Fair Political Practices Commission due to a complaint that he did not properly report his country club membership.

Mayor Morris did not return a call Monday requesting comment.

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