According to lawyers, red light cameras in Victorville have violated motorists’ rights to due process, and they’re seeking damages.

The red light systems operate without the input of sworn police officers – and issue citations for infractions that occur outside of the presence of officers. According to lawyers, that makes the photo of an offense no better than electronic hearsay and a violation of the California Penal Code. And because cameras cannot testify, defendants in red light camera cases cannot confront their accusers in court – a violation of their rights to due process.

The suit seeks $9 million in damages plus additional punitive damages for as many as 5,000 plaintiffs.

From the San Bernardino Sun:

A class-action lawsuit against Victorville and its red-light camera program alleges vehicle owners’ due-process rights were violated and seeks millions of dollars in damages.

Barstow lawyer Robert Conaway filed the lawsuit on Feb. 14 in Victorville Superior Court on behalf of his client, Michael Curran, and others who received red-light tickets in Victorville from Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems, according to court records.

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