Vernon had hoped that Tuesday’s contested, municipal election would mark a major milestone in its year-long effort to repair its image by reforming its government. However, the seventy person exercise in democracy has been riddled with allegations of fraud.

Before a canvassing board was able to count ballots, attorneys brought forward allegations that several of the ballots cast were done by non-residents or ineligible voters. One such allegation was supported by evidence gathered by a private investigator who used social media and newspapers to show that one ‘voter’ lived in a neighboring town.

In all, seven ballots – or 10 percent of the total voting pool – were contested. When the outcome is settled, it will be the first real election in recent history in the small industrial city. Even though it was a small election, it featured all manner of electioneering, including volunteer walks, lit drops, and a debate.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The first competitive election in the city of Vernon in years was thrown into chaos late Tuesday amid accusations of voter fraud before officials could even begin counting the ballots.

A city canvassing board was set to tally the 53 ballots cast in the election at 8 p.m., when an attorney representing the Chamber of Commerce came forward to say he wanted to present evidence that seven voters didn’t actually live in the city.

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