About 16 percent of Los Angeles voters– a potentially record low turnout – cast ballots yesterday in the City’s election, and some races remained undecided as they move into runoff elections in May. Three council races and the Mayor’s race are all heading toward runoff. Measure A, meant to boost city finances, failed.

The most immediate consequence for Los Angeles comes from the 55 to 45 defeat suffered by Measure A, which would have raised about $100 million annually for the City’s general fund. The city faces a $200 million deficit. The City’s leaders and unions had endorsed the plan, which they said would have protected essential city services such as public safety.

The race for Mayor was narrowed down to two, as neither Wendy Greuel nor Eric Garcetti managed to capture a majority of the vote. Runoffs are also necessary in three of the Council races, to decide who will be the next City Attorney, and to settle the issue for City Auditor-Controller.

Over the next 11 weeks, campaigns will likely focus on the next steps in the wake of Measure A’s failure. Wendy Greuel is also making a pitch to become the City’s first woman mayor, and the first mother.

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