Several business owners fed up with the “foul, noxious and sickening odors” that emanate from the rocks near La Jolla Cove have filed suit against the City of San Diego, demanding that something is done about the sea lion and bird feces that is driving business away from their otherwise scenic locations.

The Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement—a nonprofit consisting of five or six business owners around the La Jolla Cove—filed suit on December 20 in a San Diego Superior Court.

“It’s been building up for years,” environmental attorney Bryan Pease—who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the group—told ABC News in an interview. “It’s just really rancid. It’s like foul anchovies. It just depends on what kind of fish they eat.”

According to ABC News, ocean view restaurants close their outdoor dining areas depending on the wind patterns and luxury hotels have had guests check out within 15 minutes of arriving at the hotel.

“We are well aware this is a problem impacting businesses and quality of life in La Jolla,” Alex Roth, a spokesman for interim Mayor Todd Gloria, said to the Associated Press.”We are actively working toward a solution. No options are off the table.”

The lawsuit is asking the city to clean up the excrement from the rocks as well as remove a fence that has contributed to the sea lions’ constant presence on the rocks by barring the public from patronizing the beach. In response, the city has already installed a new gate which will allow greater access to the beach and in turn, hopefully drive the sea lions away.

Mark Dibella, managing director at La Valencia Hotel—one of two local businesses that are plaintiffs in the lawsuit—told the U-T San Diego that the gate is “an excellent step in the right direction.”

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