By Jeff Raderstrong.

Are mixed-income communities merely a utopic vision or do they actually exist? What policies and incentives can be used to create and/or maintain mixed-income communities? How can we ensure low-income populations benefit from increased economic activity in their communities?

We convened a panel this spring to discuss these questions and more. You can watch the highlights of the discussion below, which includes insights from:

  • Fred Blackwell, President and CEO of The San Francisco Foundation
  • Robert Liberty, Director of the Urban Sustainability Accelerator, Portland State University
  • Rolf Pendall, Director, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, The Urban Institute
  • William Towns, Assistant Vice President, University of Chicago, Office of Civic Engagement

For a deeper dive on the topic, you can read our briefing paper “Building and Sustaining Thriving Mixed‐Income Communities.”

Creating Thriving Mixed-Income Communities from Living Cities on Vimeo.