The City of West Hollywood was given Honors by the American Planning Association Sustainable Communities Division; Southern California Association of Governments; and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association

City of West Hollywood logoThe City of West Hollywood has been honored with three notable sustainability awards recognizing significant milestones achieved with its local sustainability program. The City took home these honors while facing steep competition from applicants at the local, regional, and national level.

The awards were announced earlier this year — in late April 2020 and early May 2020 — in their respective forums:

  • Leadership in Sustainability Award of Excellence: This national award from American Planning Association Sustainable Communities Division (APA-SCD) was announced on April 27, 2020 and honors individuals, governments, firms, organizations, and programs whose vision, leadership, and commitment have been fundamental to the evolution of sustainability planning and have helped improve awareness of sustainability. The City of West Hollywood was recognized for its long-standing commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate action through effective policymaking, promotion of new techniques and technologies, collaboration among other disciplines and jurisdictions, and other advances in practice.
  • Clean Cities: Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure Award of Merit: This regional award from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Sustainability Awards Program was announced on May 11, 2020 and honors efforts to promote low- and zero-emission transportation, clean fuel vehicles, and associated infrastructure. The City of West Hollywood was honored for its comprehensive efforts to expand its local market for electric vehicle adoption via the City’s EV Charge Up program.
  • Innovation in Green Community Planning Award of Merit: This local award from the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-LA) was announced on May 15, 2020 and is traditionally given to an innovative plan, program, tool, or related effort that demonstrates advancement in efforts to address the serious consequences of development and everyday living on the environment. The City of West Hollywood was the recognized for its recent and extensive efforts to update its local Green Building Program to keep pace with progressive national sustainable building design standards and promote environmental responsibility within the built environment.

“These awards recognize the City of West Hollywood for our deep commitment to sustainability and protecting our environment,” said West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath. “As we witness increasingly urgent signs of climate change with worsening high temperatures and increasingly devastating wildfires, our city’s strong record of developing progressive and forward-thinking environmental policies is ever-more important. I’m very proud that West Hollywood is leading the way with its shift to renewable energy. Responsibility for the environment is a core value of our city and we will keep consistently working to implement policies that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and promote sustainability.”

The City of West Hollywood is dedicated to sustainability and preserving our environment. In 2011, the City released its Climate Action Plan, which is designed to address climate change and reduce the community’s greenhouse gas emissions at the local level. Although climate change is a global problem, the City recognizes that many strategies to adapt to a changing climate are best enacted at the local level. The City’s is currently updating its Climate Action Plan to further champion the actions needed to meet the global challenges of climate change and reaffirm West Hollywood as a vibrant and sustainable leadership city for current and future generations.

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