City of Cathedral City logoMeasure B, the Cathedral City Short-Term Vacation Rental Regulation Measure, will appear on a March 2, 2021 Special Election ballot.  It will be the only item on the March 2, 2021 Special Election ballot.

If approved by Cathedral City voters, Measure B would uphold the City’s adopted Short-Term Vacation Rental regulations and restrictions, which were developed after a year of community engagement and feedback to address identified resident priorities including:

  • Improving neighborhood safety
  • Reducing criminal activity associated with short-term vacation rentals
  • Reducing noise impacts of short-term vacation rentals
  • Preserving neighborhood character

Over the last several years, the City has received complaints, feedback (STVR Task Force Public Meetings – October 1 and October 19) and suggestions from residents regarding the safety impacts and increasing neighborhood disruption caused by Short-Term Vacation Rentals (STVR’s).

Ordinance 842 was carefully crafted to address these concerns, ensuring tighter regulations on late night activities, caps on number of guests, and stricter penalties for non-compliance among other issues.

A wide range of residents have complained about disruptive — and in some cases illegal– behavior of STVR guests including loud, late night parties, multiple people coming in and out of residential neighborhoods, and increased criminal activity at STVR properties, including an incident with multiple stabbings in early 2020.

A “yes” vote on Measure B upholds the ordinance enacted by the City- Ordinance 842 to further regulate STVRs. A “no” vote on Measure B will eliminate all of the STVR regulations in Ordinance 842, reverting STVR regulations only to Section 3.24.011 of the Cathedral City Municipal Code, which does not address the public safety, noise, and other community complaints associated with STVR’s made to the City over the past several years.

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